Tuesday, October 30, 2007

first pair

first pair
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Hi all! I bought two balls of Sublime and it was enough for two pairs, so I went right onto pair #2 before finishing the thumbs on pair #1.

Unfortunately, I've sort of suspended work on these -- I got the yarn for my winter coat, and I'm knitting that up as quickly as possible, so I've stopped work on the gloves for now (they don't go with the coat, anyway).

FYI, this is the coat I'm knitting (in a lovely green color). It goes very fast, but now that it's getting cold, I'm very anxious to finish it!

Hoping to see you all Saturday!


Virtuous said...

Hi Mimi!

Dang your cranked out those fetchings fast! And on #2! Can't wait to see them with thumbs too!

And that coat is perfect for you!

See you Saturday! :o)

Janet Richards said...

Can't wait to see the gloves and the coat looks great - looking forward to seeing it in Green my favorite color :)

woolly_booger said...

Wow, a coat! You are ambitious! I can't wait to see the finished product...I remember coveting that coat in VK. :)

Aura said...

You are an inspiration. :-) What yarn weight are you using for the coat? I've never attempted a large project, yet.