Monday, November 19, 2007

Fall 07 KAL: Fingerless Gloves

How Pretty!! :o)

For this fall season the Charlotte Purls participated in a fingerless glove KAL.

With our group KALs, it is typically a project that is quick and some what of a challenge. Anyone who has the desire and motivation to participate can join in at anytime! Even when the KAL is all done! No pressure!

So here are the Purls who were able to take the group picture this past Saturday

In the picture is: (Top) Alison and Connie (Seated) Wendy, Janet, Sophia, Manchelle, and Stacey

Also, there were those who participated but was not able to make the picture: Fran, Michelle R., Diane, Dani, and Mimi!

We really hope you ladies will still post your finished fingerless gloves on the blog too!

Stay tuned for details on our Winter 2007 KAL! :o)


Janet Richards said...

Don't we look cute in our fingerless glove photo shoot :)

Connie said...

What a great group of ladies we are...I count it a blessing to know each of you!

Aura said...

Awww- I missed a great meeting - and the yarn fairy too. That's a great name for you Connie. Any yarn left - Just kidding - I just game some yarn to my daughter Andrea. Stacey thanks so much for posting these beautiful pictures. Even though I was not there I was able to see all the fun you had. Rose you look great in the pictures.

woolly_booger said...

Ha, I did not think that the rabbit ears photo would make it to the blog! :P I had a great time - I'm so glad I have gotten to know you all!

Jen said...

Virtuous I am already sad that I don't live closer, so I can come on a more regular basis to see everyone. :( Sorry I missed the knit group Saturday, but there will be a next time I promise! Until then keep them in in for me will ya? ;D