Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clogs Knit Along

I've thoroughly enjoyed knitting the Fiber Trends clogs. I started mine a couple of weeks or so ago and knitted along with Connie. Thanks Connie for all your help especially picking up the stitches and joining the two soles together. I also learned something new while making the cuff.

Using the Cascade Bulky yarn worked great and these definitely knit fast. I have been home sick with a cold. I completed one entire clog minus one of the soles in a few hours. I'm looking forward making more to give as gifts.


We learned that it takes more yarn to make the soles and cuff. I bought extra hot pink so I'll be making another set of pinks.


Virtuous said...

Ooh yeah you definitely need twice the amount of color for the soles/cuffs than the foot. You would think it would be the opposite!

They are fast knit! Can't wait for everyone to model their slippers!

Connie said...

They look great Aura!

You are right Stacey, we also thought it would take more for the foot, however, you'd think that the yarn store selling us the yarn would have known this???

Aura said...

I just hope I have sewn those soles the right way. I have not felted mine yet, so we'll see. I followed your advice on sewing them the best I could by stretching them.