Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fearless Knitting!!!

Knitting Daily has been urging fearless knitting, so I decided to take the Fair Isle Plunge. I wanted to share it with the Charlotte Purls because I was too excited that it was easier than I thought!

I made the 3 Tams Pattern from Knitty. It was hard a first to get used to knitting with two yarns, I was trying to knit one Continental and one yarn American. But it got easier after a while, the ribbing was the hardest. Once I got started I couldn't stop because I wanted to see how each row would build the pattern. I'm really happy with it as my first Colorwork project and now I have to bug to do some more! I definately will make the other 2 Tams.



Added a picture of my daughter modeling the hat after it is blocked. Isn't she cute? But I will have to take back my hat :)


Virtuous said...


How about I have been too scared to open up that e-mail! LOL!!

But YES!! Here is to Fearless Knitting!!

I LUV the tam!!

Me next!!! :oD

Virtuous said...

AND look at you being the 1st one to post in the New Year!

Truly fearless!! ;op Haha!

Michelle said...

Fearless sure does work for you. It looks great.

MrsPurls said...

Wow Janet!!! Your color selection is great!

Aura said...

Makes me want to start one right away. It's beautiful, Janet.