Saturday, January 19, 2008

first sock

first sock
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Behold my first sock! I made this sock in worsted weight yarn on size 6 DPNs, because that's what I had lying around (Stacey gave me some sock yarn, but 6 was the smallest DPN size I had). I figured I'd make my first pair on cheap synthetic yarn in case I screwed up, and then use the Lamb's Pride I got from Janet's stash to make a couple of pairs for my daughters (the yarn I got from Janet is close in color to the yarn I used for the two pairs of Fetchings I made, which I'm also giving my daughters). By then I should be able to run out and get some smaller DPNs and dive into other sock patterns.

I think for my very first sock this came out pretty well. I have to fly to Vegas tomorrow for a few days, so I'll knit the second one on the plane.


Janet Richards said...

Ah, ha! You have discovered the pleasure of socks. There will be no stopping you now!!!! Great job!

Virtuous said...

Great choice to start out on thicker yarn and DPNs for your 1st sock!

I really wish I had did that and I would have been much happier!

It looks great! Congrats on your 1st sock!! Now hurry up and cast on for the 2nd one! :o)

Lothie said...

Thanks ladies! I'm on my THIRD sock now!