Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CP "Get to Know a Purl": Jenny R.

Don't let the sweet look fool ya!! :o) This is how she really is just funny! :o)
(I just had to add this picture! Haha)

1. How did you hear about Charlotte Purls and when did you join?
Back in December, or around there, Doreen and I were looking for a closer group and her sister Janet suggested we come along to a meeting with her. We made it in January and I never looked back! I am so glad we came that Tuesday night.

2. How long have you been knitting/crocheting and who taught you?
I taught myself to knit 3 years ago, then took 2 and a half off from knitting when I started the project from hell. When I met Doreen, she resparked my interest! I think I really am hooked this time. My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a young child, maybe 6 or 8, but never did anything with it, never even a project or rectangle. I just started again this year, more as a complement to my knitting than for full projects... for now that is. Who knows, the next meeting I might be doing just that.

3. What is your favorite item(s) you like to knit/crochet that you could never get enough of doing?
Hum, that's a hard one. Usually after I make something once I tend to move on to something else. I really enjoy new challenges.

4. Is there one thing you really have no desire to knit/crochet?
It keeps changing, but most likely to stick around would be cobweb lace. I just can't handle something that small. However, the sock bug has not caught up with me yet. I don't know that it will. I plan on making my first pair this summer when the mmmSock makes it appearance, but don't expect tons more mainly because I do not wear socks often, even in the winter! I absolutely reserve the right to change my mind completely on both of these at any given whim.

5. How often during the week do you knit/crochet and when do you normally fit in time?
Sometimes it is Tuesday nights only. Other times as soon as the kids are down for the night the needles come out. Occasionally, on a stressful day, I knit standing at the kitchen counter so I can't be climbed on. Not quite as relaxing, but it works well enough.

6. What is your favorite project to date that you knitted/crocheted?
That is a tough one. Honestly, my tiny iPod cozy might be the winner for favorite FO. Favorite knit was a tie between the Crazy Cool Scarf and the Monkey Girl Hat.

7. At this moment, what is your future dream project you would like to knit/crochet?
Right now the Clementine Shawlette, Flutter Scarf, and Sullivan Street Bolero are all calling to me. Who knows when or if they will get done though between all of the dishcloths and other things I have taken on. I'm starting to understand why everyone says knitters are so charitable and never knit for themselves. Peer Pressure by the unassuming name of 'KAL'.

8. What one new knitting/crocheting thing do you want to learn in 2008?
Maybe intarsia or double knitting. More crochet stitches.

9. What are your "go to" knit/crochet book(s)?
I learned from Stitch'n'Bitch, but go to the knittinghelp.com videos or youtube anytime I want to see something now. I love eye candy stitch encyclopedias. :)

10. Other than knitting/crocheting are there any other hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?
I make beaded jewelry and sew baby carriers and slings for sale. Other than that, I am a full time stay at home(schooling) mom, and everything is done when two kids are tugging on me.

11. Tell us, how would your close friends/family describe you?
Um, I sure hope 'kind, faithful, loving, understanding and friendly'... but one never knows. I think they would say creative and smart. Also, I am a bit off the mainstream track. I'm what you call 'crunchy'.

12. If you could have a full day to spend with anyone (dead or alive) who would that be and why?
My Grandfather Kell. I only met him twice before he died. I never got to really get to know him well.

13. What one thing do you know for sure?
Pick your answer... That I am one of God's children and that I am 'saved'. That the Earth is round. My knitting style is not the norm. I have only 2 kids. My nose is attached to my face. ;)

14. What has our group (Charlotte Purls) changed about you?
Um.... I don't know that it has. But I reserve the right to be wrong about that one.

15. What do you enjoy most about Charlotte Purls?
The community feeling. The way we help each other and come together with a common interest. I really *love* that.


Virtuous said...

Jenny it has been great seeing you at Tuesday night Purl meetings and other events as I can always count on a smile/laugh with you!!
So glad you joined!

Jenny said...

I should edit my responses... I'm half way through a pair of socks!!

Janet Richards said...

I'm so glad you came to that 1st Purl's meeting. It has been great having you in the CPs. :)

Yankee John said...

She did forget to mention that she is the best wife and mother a man could ask for...

but on the downside, I now know way too much about malabrigo and needles for every occasion.

Michelle said...

It's been great getting to know and knit with you.