Sunday, August 31, 2008

books, books & more books

I posted this comment on my Funkyknitter46 blogspot (gotta get rid of the other one...the one without the 46) and thought I was posting it I said, I'm new to this stuff.

anyway, the long and short of it is that I've sorted and organized most of my knitting library, a long, fun and exhausting chore that I'm glad to have done. In the process I discovered that I have books I bought on a whim (imagine that), but that I'm not likely to ever use (dbl imagine that). In addition I discovered that I have duplicate copies of several others...wonder how that happened. Books like The Knit Experience (2 copies) and an extra EZ Knitting Without Tears!!

I'll be posting books for sale on Ravelry soon, but wanted to let my local cohorts in knitting & crocheting crime (I mean addiction, no, passion...hmmmm) have first shot...saves on shipping/mailing costs. I'll be posting a list on my blogspot ( and you can contact me off-site (this one) at your convenience