Saturday, September 20, 2008

Purls' Touch of Charity!

As the summer is quickly closing in on us! Just wanted to give an update on our last KAL.

Our Summer Charity KAL was a HUGE success!! :o)

For the months of June, July and August the Purls were knitting and crocheting up washcloths focusing on pregnant women & teenagers, as well as women victim to domestic violence.

Our last donation we had 68 washcloths collectively for the months of July & August donating to the Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network (CVAN).


CVAN offers services for battered women, their children and rape survivors.
Including a 24-hour crisis line, support groups for battered women, shelter with a fee of $1 per day or 1 hour work for common good per day, and much much more!

We had a GRAND TOTAL for the entire summer (all 3 months) of 109 washcloths donated to both Florence Crittenton Services and Cabarrus Victims Assistance NetworkAlong with TONS of health and beauty aid (HBA) products donated by the Charlotte Purls!!

You all really came thru on this charity project!!

THANK YOU to all the Purls who gave their touch of charity by giving back to the community with your time and treasure! You ladies are awesome!!! :o)