Thursday, May 7, 2009

CP "Get to Know a Purl": Michelle F.

1. How did you hear about Charlotte Purls and when did you join?
Found it on the web when I first moved to Charlotte and was looking for some new friends.

2. How long have you been knitting/crocheting and who taught you?
It's been about 5 years or so but I only really started doing anything other than scarves about 2 years ago. I taught myself with the Stitch 'N Bitch book.

3. What is your favorite item(s) you like to knit/crochet that you could never get enough of doing?
Hmmm...I don't know that I have a favorite item. I really enjoy lace work though-in scarves and wraps, etc.

4. Is there one thing you really have no desire to knit/crochet?
I used to say socks...but I recently got some sock yarn that is really luxurious so I guess I would have to say I have no desire to make mens garments.

5. How often during the week do you knit/crochet and when do you normally fit in time?
Well I am finding I don't have as much time as I would like with my busy schedule lately but I try to fit some knitting in 3-5 times a week... If only I went to the gym as often ;-)

6. What is your favorite project to date that you knitted/crocheted?
I guess I'm proudest of my Pimlico Shrug in that it was a really difficult pattern for me at the time. I'm working on a Clapotis right now and I can tell I'm going to love it!

7. At this moment, what is your future dream project you would like to knit/crochet?
I really want to do the Owls sweater by Kate Davies and I'd like to try a skirt pattern: perhaps Intolerable Cruelty?

8. What one new knitting/crocheting thing do you want to learn in 2009?
Cables- I have yet to try them though I've watched a couple of videos

9. What are your "go to" knit/crochet book(s)?
Stitch N Bitch for help with patterns and The Knitter's Book of Yarn for yarn substitution advice

10. Other than knitting/crocheting are there any other hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?
I love to read and I have entirely too many tv shows that I follow

11. Tell us, how would your close friends/family describe you?
Goofy and extremely sarcastic and a bit random

12. If you could have a full day to spend with anyone (dead or alive) who would that be and why?
My dad or my cousin - they both passed away in 2006 and I feel like I didn't have enough time with either of them

13. What one thing do you know for sure?
We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

14. What has our group (Charlotte Purls) changed about you?
Well I really was lonely when I first moved to Charlotte and spent way too much time at home and now I have a group to hang out with!

15. What do you enjoy most about Charlotte Purls?
Just the fun of being together and learning from each other..... And the cookies from Bear Rock....can't forget about those.... And the lemon bars too!


Heather said...

Michelle - You're such a beautiful gal! It's been great getting to know you. (And I totally regret not getting a chance to see you in Smoky Joe's! :-( )

Virtuous said...

Michelle it is TRULY has been a delight having in Purls!! :o)

Janet Richards said...

I love you as an addition to the CPs, you bring a smile and joy each time you come :)

Chelley said...

AWWW...You guys are making me all emotional over here!!

Chelley said...

AWWW...You guys are making me all emotional over here!!