Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saturday May 30th

Here is a recap of Saturday's gathering:

Janet is leaving us in a very short time :-(, and she brought out some stash to sell and give away. It was the destash event of epic proportions! hehe!

Everyone behaved themselves and no squabbles broke out over the free yarn- well, no major squabbles, anyway. j/k ;-P

We all had fun knitting away, browsing the pretty yarns, books and needles, and the Crash Sock 102 workshop went well. I hope I was able to shed some light on toe-up socks!

(Manchelle is the one hiding in the fireplace. You're too sneaky Manchelle!)

Overall it was a lovely day (but then again it always is!). Janet hasn't moved yet, and we may get to see her one or two times more before she moves, so be sure to tell her how much you'll miss her if and when you see her!

Thank you Janet for so generously sharing your stash with us all! The Purls will all miss you terribly, but we wish you much luck and happiness in Seattle.



Virtuous said...

Great to see another yarn grab! Giggle @ no real fights going on!

LOL @ Manchelle trying to hide

Thanks for posting about the meeting Heather!

And you we TRULY be sooo missed Janet!!