Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Cabled Crusader

So since I'm taking the top entry slot I thought I would just remind everyone the survey is just below if they haven't filled it out yet. I recently took out the book AlterKnits from the library and was reading one of the "AlterExercises" about Creating a Knitting Action Hero when a vision of Stacey's Knit Obi-Belt entered my mind. I saw it in silver, and then I knew I had to do the exercise. Here is me as a knitting superhero: The Cabled Crusader.

I come from the Planet PurlOn, and I fly wherever a knitter or crocheter is in need of a tool (ball-winder, stitch marker, scissors, etc.) My motto is Craft On! This exercise was completely silly and useless, but it was a fun 10 minutes. Who would you be?


Virtuous said...

HAHA!! I love it!! :oD

I would be....Neckline Picker Upper!
Because I SO need to have super powers to do tat right now!! LOL

THANKS for posting!!

Janet Richards said...

Love it!! Love your avatar too! I think I'd be the Stash Queen. Because I luv, luv my stash. Having a stash, growing the stash, being inspired by.....the stash. And right now - managing the stash - because it's a wee bit out of control :)