Thursday, December 6, 2007

the coat I'm knitting

the coat I'm knitting
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Hi all! I'm almost done with this damn coat. I've got the back and front done and I'm halfway up the first sleeve. I'm hoping to have it finished and sewn together by our next meeting. If it doesn't look too horrible, I'll wear it there.

Then after that I'm doing a matching scarf and (I hope) fingerless gloves, both in Alpaca, and then maybe I can (ha ha) finish the fingerless gloves I did for our KAL.

Can't wait to finish -- and to see you all at our next meeting!


Virtuous said...

Ooh thanks for the update Mimi!!
Love the color and seed stitch on your jacket!

Can't wait to see you wear it!

Janet Richards said...

I loved the color of your coat and can not wait to see it either!!! Please share soon!!