Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sit & Knit!

We had a nice time last night at our 2nd 'Sit & Knit' on our alternate Tuesdays!

There are pics too! But since this is our evening gathering it is a bit dim and I didn't want to blind everyone with the flash, so please bare with the pic quality! :o)

We got to meet some new Purls and by chance we knitted/crocheted a bit in between the great conversation :oD

This video is dark...but just watch the pink hook Go! Haha! That is Manchelle going to town!

And here is a quick peek into our 2 hour meet-up! There were 9 Purls there (Dani, Manchelle, Jenny, Doreen, Amy, Lisa, Janet, Michelle and me) and we had a really nice time!

Hope to see you at the next Sit & Knit on Tuesday, February 12th


Janet Richards said...

It was fun ladies :) And you go Manchelle :) Her hook is smoking!

doreen said...

I couldn't see earlier, but I can now. We Ray girls had a great time.