Monday, December 10, 2007

2 Fos

Today I finished two projects, a knit snake and the cable scarf I was knitting as a gift for my Pop. The snake has been seamed and stuffed since the evening after our last meeting, but I procrastinated in making the tongue and eyes. I did them differently this time, last time I followed the directions and crochet a tongue and made diamond shape eyes. This time I used felt for the tongue and white felt and blue shell buttons for the eyes, I like how they came out a lot better. The snake is about 4-ft long, I'm sure my son will have fun with him, if nothing else he can whip him around.

I also finished the scarf today, the pattern is available for free (check out Ravelry for more info). I actually did one less 36 row repeat than what was in the pattern because the yarn I used was chunkier than what the pattern called for. The pattern is to make a 53 inch long scarf and my scarf is 53 inches long, without the 8th repeat, which was nice for me. The photo below doesn't do the royal blue of the yarn justice, but at least you can see the pattern well.

Next up I will be making the Football Hat from Itty Bitty Hats in Carolina Panthers colors for my little boy and the Bold Band mittens from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits book to match.


Virtuous said...

Ooooh there goes Mr. Snake!!! :oD
Great to see him all done!
LOL @ your son just whip it around! Haha!

Nice cable scarf gift too!

You come up with the best projects!! @ Carolina hat/band for son!

Thanks for sharing your F.O.s!!

Anonymous said...

The snake turned out great and the scarf is beautiful!!!


Janet Richards said...

I love how the snake turned out - I'm sure your son will love him. And I loved cabled scarves, great gift :)

And way to go for making Carolinas hat hat and mittens. I hate how people abandon them when their down :) Let's hope they get a new QB or healthy Jake back for next year!