Monday, December 10, 2007

Sharing a new FO

I have to share a new finished object I just wrapped up. I haven't done too much knitting for myself or of garments. And the Circle Vest in Silk Knits was one that caught my eye and I wanted to make. When I saw some lovely, lovely yarn in Charlotte Yarn (Scotia Silk) I blew the budget a bit and got two skeins for the Circle Vest.

I'm sort of proud of a couple of things 1) the original yarn is worsted weight and the yarn I chose was Chunky so I modified that a bit 2) the original yarn is striped and I chose two color ways I thought looked good together and alternated every 2 rows and I'm very happy with how it "striped". 3) I made my second garment and I'm taking both of them on a *business trip* this week.

Now I finally will get back to a bit of Christmas gift making, but my bit of selfish knitting was oh so fun, and I had to share! More details and pics on my blog and in Ravelry.


Virtuous said...

I never know what you will pull out next! :o) I love that element of surprise in your knitting!! :oD

With all the knitting you do it is good to indulge! Glad the yarn substitution worked out nicely for you too!