Friday, February 22, 2008

Saturday Feb, 23rd - The Purls Make Stitchmarkers!

Hi y'all. Cristi here. Stacey has asked me to post here and let you know what all stuff you could bring next week that will be useful to learn how to make your very own stitchmarkers.

1) The Tools

Tools Needed

Left to right that's a wire cutter, crimper and round tipped pliers. You can find these sold in set with a beading tool kit for less than $10 at Michaels. Use your 40% coupon published in today's paper and get it even cheaper!

2) The notions

Supplies 1

Jump rings (of an appropriate size for the needles you work with most), head pins and eye pins. I prefer using head pins, but if all you can find is the eye pins those will work too. But they do increase the snagability (yes it's a word) of your completed markers.

3) Beads!

Seed Beads

Seed beads for accents and any other beads that you find and like. The seed beads will also help prevent beads with larger holes from falling off your head pins.

That's about it! If you have a piece of felt or something to work on so the beads don't go rolling everywhere, that will be helpful too.

See you next Saturday!


Virtuous said...

FAB! Thanks for posting that up so quickly!

Janet Richards said...

Sounds like fun - can't wait to see what create stitch markers we all come up with!

Ninabeena said...

nice. i look forward to seeing what y'all come up with

doreen said...

This was so fun! Thanks Janet for the suggestion, thanks Christi for teaching us. I love my row counter and will definately make more!
I will have happy, happy neeedles!