Monday, March 17, 2008

Hemlock in Progress

I won't make it to the field trip this weekend - Colin and I are celebrating 13 years! And we get a couple of days with no kids - so we are skipping town.

For those of you who are thinking about the Hemlock - join in!! It's not that hard and now is the time with so many who can join you over the next two months. I'm having a lot of fun with it and have already decided while a Huge Granny Square is my favorite baby blanket of last resort, this will be my baby present when I have a bit more time to plan. I would have loved one of these for my 1st born.

These pictures show where I am now, but the color is washed out.



This is a picture from last week - but the color is accurate:


For those of you who tempated me to Cast on for Pi Day:


I so didn't need another WIP to suck me in. But this is so addictive! Thanks a bunch!


Virtuous said...

Oh My! TWO blankets on the needles!!

LUV it.....I may be convinced to come to the dark side on the hemlock! LOL We will see!

Nice progress Janet!!

And Happy Anniversary!!!!

Janet Richards said...

Imgaine it's late at night........

You have a great DVD you have been wanting to see.......

It's just a little bit chilly....

You have hot chocolate with a little bit of rum added, popcorn or your favorite snack......

and you are cuddled in the Hemlock.


Come over to the dark side!